Finance Computing Framework: Reporting


Collection 1B



Reporting is one of software modules within Finance Computing Framework which play a key role to leverage your return on investment of management information system when your organization demands for extended quality of information for management decision and statutory compliance.


There are a series of reporting tools that can address to your distinctive disclosure and presentation requirements ranged from supporting your operational needs as well as strategic needs, these are: -


 Document Designer and Viewer

 Pivot Chart

 Standard Enquiry and Reporting

 Message and Alert

 Ledger Form Report Writer

 Pivot Query

 Standard Query

 Brick Query

 Scheduled Query

 Dashboard Designer and Viewer

 LedgerBase Viewer


Demonstration of FionBrick (Brick Query)


Finance Computing Framework


Finance Computing Framework is built over the FESA Application Server which specializes in finance computing throughout recording to reporting. To support the solving of different scenarios of AVESTA computing issues the Finance Computing Framework has been developed and maintains a portfolio of software building blocks which are classified as follows:-

 System Control