Finance Computing Framework: Collection


Collection 1B



Collection is one of software modules within Finance Computing Framework which play a key role to support configuration of data collection methods in order to address the matching of relevant data sources for particular finance computing. Following are three main kinds of data collection methods:-


Existing data store of legacy systems

User-defined data entry form

Existing data files exported from legacy systems


In addition to evaluate best-fit of data collection methods for your concerned finance computing, nature of data can be ranged from transaction detail to aggregated information and ranged from structured data to unstructured data.


Configuring processing rules can facilitate customization of data collection for different user groups efficiently. In addition, the use of query formulas can empower end-users to innovate the automation of data collection when required data sources are derived from internal data storage of a delivered systems of Finance Computing Framework.

Finance Computing Framework


Finance Computing Framework is built over the FESA Application Server which specializes in finance computing throughout recording to reporting. To support the solving of different scenarios of AVESTA computing issues the Finance Computing Framework has been developed and maintains a portfolio of software building blocks which are classified as follows:-

 System Control