Consol Series 6D


FESA Query

Continuing development of an evolution-oriented user-centric reporting tool will achievehigh performance despite growth in recordsand associated dimensions. In addition, the user experience can be further enhanced with the latest design of user interfaces including Brick and Dashboard.

FESA Query can be implemented independently as an application system that supports your work through the recording to reporting process and can be used with or without integration to FlexAccount and with other solutions within the FESA Consolidation Series.


FESA Analyst

The automation of analytical and actionable alerts is an emergent reporting practice that can support implementation of the continual monitoring of your business whilst driving a decrease in total administration cost.

FESA Analyst is primarily integrated with FESA Query and allows you to innovate and configure the monitoring of different kinds of business analytics or KPIs on a pre-scheduled basis. In addition, FESA Analyst can be deployed when FESA Query has been included in the solution.


Related Software Modules


Finance Computing Framework is built over the FESA Application Server which specializes in finance computing throughout recording to reporting. To support the solving of different scenarios of AVESTA computing issues the Finance Computing Framework has been developed and maintains a portfolio of software building blocks which are classified as follows:-

 System Control