Versioning AVESTA represents a group of users they are working within a computerized environment knowing that automation of versioning computing supported by their computerized systems are far from perfect.



Versioning means version control over data processing and/or reporting based on same sets of assumptions

It shall be differentiated from aggregation scenarios


Two types of version control

Version control for audit trial purpose

Version control for reporting purpose


Version control for audit trial purpose

Who, when, how about the submission of data files

Who, when, why about the subsequent amendments

Who, when, what about the authorization of data postings

About the status of process: pending, completed, fail


Version control for reporting purpose

Q1, Q2, Q3, Q4 version of rolling forecast


Key problems encountered by headquarters

Manually assign version number of file and folder name

Problem to support multi-user enquiry

Not easy to maintain completeness

Issue of security control 


Implement standalone document management system

Can keep every version of data file upload itself rather than post and store relevant raw data within database

It cannot support to automate aggregation, so it cannot support the retrieval of particular version of consolidated rolling forecast


An example of versioning for audit trial purpose


An example of versioning for reporting purpose



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