Consol Series 6D


FESA Financial 

Without losing the best practices that you have already implemented for FlexAccount, you can also earn significant benefits from a comprehensive improvement of system upgrade exercises.

FESA Financial is the successor of FlexAccount and is designed for the day-to-day finance operations as well as the financial close. In addition, FESA Financial is ready to integrate with FESA Query and FESA Planning so as to extend the level of accounting automation particularly on recording and on reporting.


FESA Professional Accounting

If you are working in a more comprehensive or complex finance function you may consider implementing a professional accounting model to further enhance your system capability to achieve a faster close.

FESA Professional Accounting has a pool of configurable sub-systems where you can optimize automation within your organization. Additionally because the system is easy to set up you can easily address other operational issues that may exist within your organisation to gain greater operational efficiency.

Related Software Modules


Finance Computing Framework is built over the FESA Application Server which specializes in finance computing throughout recording to reporting. To support the solving of different scenarios of AVESTA computing issues the Finance Computing Framework has been developed and maintains a portfolio of software building blocks which are classified as follows:-

 System Control