Consol Series 6D


FESA Planning

Comprehensive process management planning can be one of your pursuits to ensure internal controls are being adhered to throughout the different stages of scenario planning particularly unleashing your power of managing the future.

FESA Planning can support different user groups within your organization such as Human Resources, Finance, IT, Procurement, Sales, Marketing, Production and Logistics irrespective of whether you are in retail, banking, property, construction, manufacturing, trading or indeed in other sectors.


FESA Consol

Whenever you move to achieve the unification of accounting software together with its associated chart of accounts and related dimensional codes across global finance offices you may trigger some of your overseas finance offices to maintain two sets of accounting records. When this is apparent you should consider automating the process of standardization without interrupting your overseas finance operations.

FESA Consol has a built-in standardization recording management function that supports the handing of a mass volume of heterogeneous data received from anywhere within your organization.

Related Software Modules


Finance Computing Framework is built over the FESA Application Server which specializes in finance computing throughout recording to reporting. To support the solving of different scenarios of AVESTA computing issues the Finance Computing Framework has been developed and maintains a portfolio of software building blocks which are classified as follows:-

 System Control