LedgerBase Reporting


LedgerBase Viewer is a native reporting tool of LedgerBase Workspace. In order to support your leveraging return on investment of building different kinds of LedgerBase, the system has been integrated with add-on reporting tools as follows:-


 LedgerBase Standard Query

 LedgerBase Pivot Query

 LedgerBase Brick Query


Demonstration of LedgerBase Brick Query



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Other Members of FESA Consolidation Series


Enterprise reporting solutions 

FESA Query and Analyst both provide a very distinctive reporting capability that fully empowers your work on disclosure and presentation to address the needs of internal management as well as that of statutory compliance. FESA Query is strongly recommended to be implemented with any solution set from the FESA Consolidation Series noting that FESA Analyst can meet and extend your highest expectations.


Enterprise recording solutions

FESA Planning and Consol provide an impressive recording capability through every stage of data collection, data validation, data transformation to data storage particularly when you are dealing with version control issues. These issues tend to arise when undertaking intensive and massive data collections and amendments that have originated from the collaborations of staff across diverse user groups. FESA Query is the core reporting tool to both solutions and supports users to design different kinds of consolidation reports containing different comparative combinations of budgets, projections and forecasts to actuals.


Enterprise recording to reporting solutions

FESA Financial and Professional Accounting are designed and optimized to support the diverse accounting practices that are associated with the finance operations at both a regional and headquarters level and are also fully integrated with FESA Query and FESA Analyst in order to empower finance to develop the reporting function. Both solutions provide a comprehensive recording capability that optimize the different domain areas within finance and are able to address both your day-to-day finance operations and your periodical financial close.