Managing Multiple Versions During Budget Planning


The fourth quarter of any financial year is the busiest time for budget planning and involves substantial and detailed review work all of which is on top of the normal and typical monthly business routines. Ever increasing daily workloads are exacerbated by frequent amendments to budget data which continue at speed in both a forward and backward direction as different versions are explored and as KPI’s are examined for compliance with corporate guidelines. Switching between these different versions can be a very tedious and time consuming task and it can be very difficult to avoid errors when data is so interconnected and dependent on other computational relationships.



If different versions of financial budgets can be maintained and monitored by the system automatically, users are able to switch amongst different budget versions very quickly.



FESA Planning is equipped with strong capabilities, across different user groups, to offer automated services in respect of data collection, data validation, data transformation and data storage of budget data. Switching amongst different budget versions becomes a simple task as FESA Planning has a built-in mechanism to keep track of different versions of all incoming data files.



After implementation of the system, you can obtain consolidated financial forecasts more quickly than ever before and additionally any analysis of variations between different versions of forecast becomes an easy task.