Printing Pivot Table and Re-inputting


There is little improvement in the budgeting process after the implementation of any new accounting system as users often continue to use Microsoft Excel in the preparation of budget data. Additionally most of these Excel worksheets are designed using pivot table like formatting with users having to re- input budget data back into the accounting system.



Microsoft Excel remains a great tool for data entry especially when it supports the fast configuration of pivot table like formatting and as a result this data should be able to be auto imported into the accounting system.



The design principle of FESA Planning is to avoid any duplication of data entry so the ability to auto import spreadsheets, including pivot tables, is a basic function of the system.



Any seamless integration between your accounting system and Microsoft Excel significantly decreases your investment cost as new and existing finance staff already have prior experience of using Microsoft Excel and uploading files through the email system. FESA Planning is merely changing their existing practice in so far as files are uploaded in the same way but to FESA Planning.