Collaboration Issues Between Different Departments


Different departments have acquired different kinds of budgeting systems to support the planning process having realized that although ERP systems provide a firm basis for recording history that they are in fact weak on facilitating any view of the future. Additionally associated costs of managing these different systems are high as these systems are disconnected from each other and of course as a result there is no efficient way for finance departments to automate the consolidation of this data.



CFO’s expect to acquire a planning system that can support the work of different departments and provide users with data access and approval controls that can enable effective risk management for future planning whilst allowing the existing ERP system to focus on recording historical data.



FESA Planning provides not only an excellent multi-user planning platform, but is also a departmental collaboration platform through it’s ability to implement access and approval controls that ultimately support any risk management work undertaken by the CFO.



Most importantly, the function of FESA Planning is not to replace your existing ERP system but rather to leverage the benefits that come from the segregation of duties. This leaves the ERP system focusing on the recording of historical data whilst FESA Planning focuses on the planning for the future noting that any actual’s data from the ERP system can be imported into FESA Planning so that the CFO can undertake quick and efficient variance analysis using different basis of comparison.