Significant Increase in Number of Budget Owners


Empowering your staff at an individual level to create and upload data files and ensuring that all submissions have been processed can be a painful experience not to mention very time consuming.



Top management, irrespective of growing staff numbers, expect an advanced budgetary control system that is capable of directly supporting all budget owners without relying upon data manipulation by middlemen.



When there are a sizable number of budget owners, FESA Planning can be deployed over the web so as to eliminate the need for installation and additionally through the use of a web browser, users can operate the system from updating data files to receiving variance analysis reports.



The benefits derived from this implementation are significant as most of the planning overhead is eliminated thereby allowing not only for every budget owner to directly contribute their work but also for management to obtain relevant budget analysis on a timely basis. In addition, the internal control over the whole budgeting process is dramatically improved when management can allow for an optimized segregation of duties matrix that is supported by the system.