FESA Planning



 Fast and flexible for the implementation of budget and rolling forecast scenarios. 

 Highly adaptable to diverse industries such as retail, property, construction, finance, hospitability etc. 

 Very user friendly to allow financial users to configure and monitor variances with differing combinations of budgets, current / prior year actuals and multiple versions of rolling forecasts. 

 Outstanding system performance from recording to reporting so as to enable you to minimize your lead times for budget planning, rolling forecasts, monitoring, and decision making. 

 Improved internal controls throughout the whole process of budget planning and rolling forecasts so that decision making is based on reliable information. 

 Enables the management team to acquire business insights with support from well-designed executive dashboards and summary reports. 

 Empowers you to work anywhere on any device such as a web client, phone or tablets. 

 Scalable for different sizes of implementation to support your future expansion needs as well as being optimized for smaller implementations as required.

 Supports cloud or hybrid deployments so that you are no longer concerned with expansion and cost risks associated from maintaining computer hardware.


► Supports the preparation of full accounts including balance sheets, profit and loss accounts, cash flow statements, ratio analysis and all relevant notes to budgeted/forecasted financial statements. 

► Capable of group consolidation of budget planning and rolling forecasts in order to provide consolidated financial statements for annual budgets as well as rolling forecasts. 

► Collect, transform operational or departmental budgets to create both financial or master budget sets. 

► Allows you to work on budget planning for any combination of specialized area such as the capital budget, cash-flow budget, human resource budget, production budget, IT budget etc. 

► Users can opt to implement different budget planning models such as zero-based budgeting, incremental budget planning and activity-based budget planning for relevant industrial sector. 

► Provides what-if analysis “on-the-fly” before you confirm any meaningful version of the budget for submission to higher levels of management. 

► Supports rule-driven allocation and amortization functions as add-on sub-system so that your budgeted income and expenses for shared service and profit centers can be allocated and amortized in accordance with your prevailing practices. 

► Users can opt to use multiple ledgers, multiple currencies, multiple periods and user defined analysis categories (i.e. business unit, project, department, product, branch and etc.) 

► Users can implement specific budget applications and authorization workflows through the configuration of a “segregation of duties matrix user interface “. 

► Allows for the deployment on a standalone desktop computer or on a centralized application server.



 Issues with the management of a large number of spreadsheets

 Managing multiple versions of the budget planning

 Not capable to include all valid amendments

 Challenge of many formatting

 Printing pivot table and re-inputting

 Staff turnover of group finance team

 Collaboration issues amongst different departments

 Significant increase in number of budget owners

 Cost of knowledge management in maintaining business analytics

 120 months of rolling forecast



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