Reducing the Tedious Preparation of Multi-dimensional Reports


Preparation of sales analysis reports for a global retail network is not that simple. It involves massive volumes of sales transactions and different combinations of data dimensions. Most of reports will involve aggregation of sales amounts and /or quantities in a different combination of dimensions such as sales transaction date, outlet code, product code, salesman code, currency code etc.

Using spreadsheets to analyze the sales data will involve extensive mechanical work for the transformation and standardization of the sales data exported from the different kinds of point-of-sales systems operated by a global retail network so some users may try to write some spreadsheet macros to automate at least some of the data manipulation processes.



Extensive effort spent on manipulation of sales data is not justified for cost or quality concerns. Since the presentation and design of sales analysis reports always change over time, the new system should allow users to customize the required financial reports efficiently.



FESA Professional Accounting offers different kinds of data source extractors to enable relevant sales data to be collected, validated, transformed and stored directly. When all relevant sales data is contained within the centralized data warehouse of FESA Professional Accounting, users can design their sales analysis reports by using our query formulas.

Query formulas allow users to define aggregated values (e.g. sales amount and quantity) for different combinations of data dimensions. In addition it can define date range, product code range, market code and other dimensions and present these in a very easy to use format.



Without changing the existing systems each business unit can obtain their sales analysis reports very quickly for a portfolio of retail outlets on a timely basis.