Consolidation of Consignment Sales


Inventory management and sales analysis for consignment businesses can be a complex area as often there is no direct interface to integrate data flows between the point-of-sales system of the consignee and the inventory management system of the consignor. So, managing the inventory level for each retail outlet on a real time basis is not practical. The use of spreadsheets to record daily consignment sales information by each retail outlet can be an interim solution however consignors are still required to be involved in intensive data manipulation to consolidate and summarize data files collected from each sale outlet.



Users expect to spend more time reviewing and analyzing the sales and stock movements of consignment stock rather than spending extensive time for data manipulation.



FESA Professional Accounting can be deployed on the web with zero installation for retail outlets. Each retail outlet can upload relevant consignment sales information through a web login to the system and most importantly, FESA Professional Accounting is able to recognize a lot of data files with different presentation and formatting. In addition the consignee can opt to export relevant consignment sales data from the system managed by the consignor rather than be input by the retail outlet.



Consignor can obtain most updated information in respect of sales and inventory movement and can be managed on a more proactive basis.