Diversity of Data Source Formats


Finance operators within corporations face many challenges associated with the consolidation of a large number of financial reports and as a result request regional finance offices to submit their financial reports in a pre-defined standard format. These formats are often different from those used locally and hence work has to be done to produce the new formats thus reducing staff productivity.



Users want to simplify data collection and formatting time in the production of these documents both at the office producing the report and those that are doing the consolidation.



FESA Consol has been designed to recognize the different data sources despite the fact that it contains different presentational formats and formatting features.



Finance headquarters and regional finance offices can use the same set of financial reports for daily operations and decision making so that the quality of information and efficiency of the group consolidation process is enhanced simultaneously thus improving productivity.

Using processing rules to process data also minimizes the need for manual intervention and as a result the quality and internal control over the preparation of these financial reports are improved substantially.